[vtkusers] xml output files, base64 encoding required?

M Bonner bonner10 at llnl.gov
Tue Aug 15 15:38:19 EDT 2006


I am attempting to write .vtp and .vtu files from scratch (without the aid 
of vtkXMLPolyDataWriter etc..).  I have been reading the output file 
document (www.vtk.org/pdf/file-formats.pdf ) and it appears from this that 
all binary data must be base64 encoded.  However, I have been looking at 
the source code for vtkXMLWriter and vtkOutputStream and it definitely 
seems that you can write the data section as plain 32/64 bit bytes.  I 
suppose the actual question is, that if I write the data section as 
un-encoded 32bit bytes will the vtkXML classes be able to read this file? I 
would expect them to do so, but as I mentioned, the document gives the 
impression the data must be encoded.  I realize that it must be encoded to 
meet the XML standard, but I am not concerned with this, I simply want the 
the vtkXMLReader classes to be able to read the file.

Thanks for your time

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