[vtkusers] VTK setup in visual studio 2003

Ilinca, Radu rilinca at cg.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Aug 14 10:11:00 EDT 2006

I am a newbie in VTK. I downloaded & compiled vtk. I ran the examples, 
they work but when I simply try to create a very simple application it 
doesn't work. I searched the archieve_list and nothing :(. The idea is 
that I  couldn't manage to link the vtk's dlls and libs into my project. 
I tried several ideas (also copied the settings from a the working 
example but it doesn't work). :(( . Can smb help ?
I am using Win Xp and  Visual Studio 2003.

The compiled vtk is in : "E:\vtk" and the source is in : "e:\vtk_home".

Thanks a lot for your support !


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