[vtkusers] Visual Studio 2003 not expanding vtkSet/Get macros

Mattia "Raibaz" Tommasone giuseppe.tommasone at tiscali.it
Sat Aug 12 18:05:22 EDT 2006

I searched the whole list archives and couldn't find any answer, but i
still can't figure why my VS .NET 2003 considers

class VTK_GRAPHICS_EXPORT vtkConeSource : public vtkPolyDataAlgorithm
    // Description:
  // Set the height of the cone. This is the height along the cone in
  // its specified direction.

and all the others vtkSet/GetMacros as "normal" methods returning int
and doesn't understand it has to expand the macros, so that when i
declare a vtkConeSource i see vtkSetClampMacro as a member method but i
don't see setHeight and the likes, thus

vtkConeSource* source = vtkConeSource::New();
source->setResolution(10); //VS complains about not being able to find
setResolution among vtkConeSource's members

What am i missing?

Mattia Tommasone

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