[vtkusers] Need a bounding box with tick marks

Amy Squillacote amy.squillacote at kitware.com
Wed Aug 9 11:09:45 EDT 2006

Hi Chuck,

There is not a class in VTK with this functionality. However, it should 
not be that difficult to write one. You could use vtkCubeAxesActor2D as 
a starting point.

- Amy

Chuck Anderson wrote:
> Hi All,
> I thought this would be simple, but after searching through the manual pages
> and list archive I'm now wondering if it's even possible. I want to put an
> outline/bounding box around a dataset and have the all edges annotated with
> tick marks similar to those generated by vtkCubeAxesActor2D. Any help, even
> being told it's impossible, will be a great help.
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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