[vtkusers] Displaying Images in VTK

Tomás Aguado Gómez taguado at gsyc.escet.urjc.es
Fri Aug 4 05:16:15 EDT 2006

Thanks I finally integrated a wtkImageviewer in my QVTKWidget.

But a problem has shown up, as I have an array built up of values  
from zero to 255, ¿Is there any widget that maps this info into  
colours? The image I have with the ImageViewer is grayScale and I am  
trying to draw a contour using colours.

El 01/08/2006, a las 20:51, Jesús Spí nola escribió:

> i shall use vtkImageViewer
> 2006/8/1, Tomás Aguado Gómez <taguado at gsyc.escet.urjc.es>:
> Hello:
> I am trying to display an image (an array of floats) in a
> VTKRenderer. I have tried an VTKFloatArrayData->VTKImageData-
> >VTKImageMapper->VTKActor2D->VtkRenderer->QVTKWidget
> Like this the image displays with lines and prone to interferences
> when I drag a window over the renderer.
> So ¿What's the best way to load an Image in a vtkRenderer?
> Thanks
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