[vtkusers] vtk 4.2 (carbon) on MacOS X Tiger doesn't work

P Bai apbai at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 13:46:26 EDT 2005


I was trying vtk 4.2 Carbon on MacOs X Tiger. I have
to use Carbon because the gui tool I'm using need
Carbon. Here's what I got - 

-No problem compiling and running the sample code with
vtk 4.2 Cocoa (but that's not what I want!)
-With gcc 4.0, the Carbon source code doesn't compile.

-With gcc 3.3, the Carbon source compiled fine. But
when I run the Rendering Cxx sample, it doesn't work.
The window showed up but with nothing in it. And I was
unable to even move the window.
-Tried 4.4 source code, same problem.

So I wonder if anyone had any luck getting it work? If
so, can you tell me what you did?

Thanks and have a good day!


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