[vtkusers] How compile VTK on PlayStation 2 ?

Carlos Capdepon carlos.capdepon at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 07:30:32 EDT 2005

Thank you, Mathieu.

But, if I don't want to use Linux, and I want to run it in native
mode? I need have Linux on playstation2 to run vtk. Or can I compile
an .elf to boot in dev mode?

First I will try to port to linux x86, later to linux PS2, and more
later, if It could be possible, to PS2 without linux.

I have done a 3D fractal in vtk to perform graphical benchmarks with
stereo support.
We want use a developing cross platform like vtk, to compare hardware
for the next generation of autostereoscopic devices, runnig in
diferent OS. Including console gaming hardware for specific and/or low
cost solutions, if it could be possible.
Xbox 360 or PS3 would have a good graphics engine.

We are reseller partners of Seereal in Spain and we are choosing a 3D
dev platform for real time 3D visualization solutions with real and cg
sources of images, and video.

This is our first approach to VTK and Kitware.

If we could port the final version of our application to Xbox and PS2
without higer changes. We could request developing licenses/kits for
the next gaming consoles.

Escuse my english. I learn it in London. ;-)

Tahnks, a lot.
Carlos Capdepón Jiménez.

2005/6/19, Mathieu Malaterre <mathieu.malaterre at kitware.com>:
> Carlos,
>     Can you ssh on your playstation2 box ? If so what is then the
> problem ? Why can't you compile just as if it was a regular linux box ?
> What is the output of cmake/gcc ?
>     As a side note, CMake is being built every night on playstation2,
> maybe try sending your request to this mailing list. If you need advice
> on how to install gcc or other tool on your playstation2, then check
> help on playstation2-linux.com
> Mathieu
> Carlos Capdepon wrote:
> > VTK is platform independent and I ask if someone have tried to compile
> > on Sony's PlayStation2.
> > PlayStation2 uses MIPS processor like SGI's.
> >
> > There are one oficial Sony's distribution of Linux and others like
> > Black Rhino based in Debian.
> >
> > If anybody knows something more about it...
> >
> > I am making an VTK graphical benchmark with stereo viewing of a
> > Simplex3D Fractal (a lot tetrahedrons and spheres) for Windows and
> > x86. Later I will port to Linux and SGI's Octane. And I want to know
> > how to compile with the  PS2 Toolchain of www.ps2dev.org or another
> > tools.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
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