[vtkusers] How compile VTK on PlayStation 2 ?

Carlos Capdepon carlos.capdepon at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 11:37:38 EDT 2005

VTK is platform independent and I ask if someone have tried to compile
on Sony's PlayStation2.
PlayStation2 uses MIPS processor like SGI's.

There are one oficial Sony's distribution of Linux and others like
Black Rhino based in Debian.

If anybody knows something more about it...

I am making an VTK graphical benchmark with stereo viewing of a
Simplex3D Fractal (a lot tetrahedrons and spheres) for Windows and
x86. Later I will port to Linux and SGI's Octane. And I want to know
how to compile with the  PS2 Toolchain of www.ps2dev.org or another

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