[vtkusers] Multiple Volumes

Lisa Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Mon Jun 13 17:37:54 EDT 2005

Hell Hxsham,

You need to get the vtkCuller from the vtkRenderer (should be a 
vtkFrustumCoverageCuller) and tell it to sort the props in a back to front 


At 05:17 PM 6/13/2005, Hxsham Fire wrote:
>I am trying to render two vtkVolumes that overlap.
>The problem I am facing is that one of the two volumes
>is coming out as dominant, and even when it is more
>distant to the second volume, it is still projecting
>to the screen instead of the other volume.  In other
>words, for some reason the z-buffering between these
>two volumes is not working and the volume rendered
>second is getting displayed dominantly over the first
>volume.  Can anybody help me with this problem???
>Thank you
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