[vtkusers] Multiple views of a single 3D scene

de Boer Ingo I.deBoer at polytec.de
Fri Jun 10 06:18:48 EDT 2005

Hi Thomas,

theoretically, it is quite simple. You have an MDI application
where you store the data in the CDocument. In the CView you set
the renderer, the actors and all the stuff.

Take a look at the MDI-VTK samples which are shipped with the
VTK code. I just tried it. I opened one file and made three
new windows from it. I could move the object around independly
for all four windows.

It should work similiar with a splitter.


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> Subject: FW: [vtkusers] Multiple views of a single 3D scene
> Hi,
> I also want to view the same scene in multiple windows from different
> angles at the same time. I use C++ with Visual Studio 6, and 
> have tried
> the Windows splitter Class CSplitterWnd, but this makes the vtk views
> unstable, showing actors in wrong size and/or color, or 
> renders nothing
> at all. Two views work some times, but fore views almost newer works.
> Please what can I do to view and interact with the same 
> render in a 2x2
> splitwindow?
> Best Regards
> Thomas

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