[vtkusers] Extent Problem

tom fogal tfogal at apollo.sr.unh.edu
Thu Jun 9 16:38:55 EDT 2005

 <16950896.1118347166371.JavaMail.myubc2 at portal9.itservices.ubc.ca>rywchiu writes:
>I've implemented an ImagePlaneWidget in one window, and am trying to display the 3 planes of the widget in 3 other separate windows. When I change the size of the planes in the wid
>get (e.g. zoom in/out), it does not correctly update size of the corresponding image in the other window.  I've looked at some suggestions from the mailing list, but I'm still gett
>ing the problem. 

i'm not sure on the specifics, but i imagine zooming / rotating / etc
only modifies the /camera/ of that particular interactor. therefore the
other windows (which, presumably, use different interactors) would have
no way of knowing that you zoomed / did some other operation (as the
data are not modified, only the camera for that particular window).

in short, i dont think zooming will modify the 'Extent' of your data;
if they fall outside the viewing area they would probably be clipped at
the mapping stage, i think.

if you want a zoom in one window to change the viewpoint in another,
you can hook up some controls to that windows' input method[s] and in
those control methods you can propagate the appropriate calls to other
windows. i have never done this, but have heard about it being done
many times on the mailing list so I imagine it shouldnt be too hard to
figure out.



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