[vtkusers] File formats in Medical.cxx ??How to read a volume set of png files?

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Hi to all,
I have a question about the exemples Medical.cxx. It use the files in the directory Data\headsq\quarter to read a volume dataset and create an isosurface of the skin.In fact what represent these quarter... files and what information have it,is it something like a dicom file?How is it obtained,is it like a CT scan where it's much easy to separate the structure of the bone and the skin.
Is it possible to read a volume set of 2d .png images from MRI scan and if yes,what kind of volume reader can i use.What is the best way to read a volume of png with MRI and process them to compose a volume and visualise it in vtk.That I'm doing is reading the png series in ITK and then processing then - morphological operations, thresholding and I developped my method for detect the contour exterior so in end of my itk pipeline i have a volume which contains a files with only a contour of width one pixel.I exported my coordinates x,y,z of this pixels in a txt file and i visualize it with vtk with surfaceReconstructionFilter and ContourFilter but the results aren't very nice.
It's the problem that my images have only a thin contour or I have to fill them before use surfaceRecenostructionFilter.
Is there a other way to visualise my set of point without fill the interior?
Thanks a lot,
Stanislava IVANOVA

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