[vtkusers] vtkImageReslice and vtkVolume

Tanya S tanya_lll at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 2 23:44:38 EDT 2005

Dear all,
I transform vtkImageReslice and vtkVolume, and display the result.
It works.
Then, I need to get the transformed dataset and save the transformed data to an
Analyze file using ITK trhrough vtkImageExport.

I try to get the data from vtkImageReslice->GetInput, but this will give me the vtkImageData
before transformation. I thought the Update() method will update the data up to the pipeline.
If I get the data from vtkImageReslice->GetOutput() then of course I get the transformed data
but only contain one slice. Other slice is only contain black images.

My pipeline for the vtkImageReslice is:
I transform the image by calling vtkImageReslice->SetResliceTransform()
My pipeline for the vtkVolume:
then call vtkVolume->SetMapper(vtkVolumeRayCastMapper)
I transform the volume by calling vtkVolume->SetUserTransform()  
How to get the transformed vtkImagedata after transforming vtkvolume or vtkImageReslice?
Should I re-construct a volume from the transformed slices? But how?
Or should I produce vtkImageData from vtkVolume? But how?
Any help would be really appreciated.
Best regards,

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