[vtkusers] texture mapping

Antoine Boivin a.boivin at m2m-ndt.com
Wed Jun 1 10:37:26 EDT 2005

Hi Fabio

You can create a vtkFloatArray, insert the TCoord value for each point
and give this array to the polydata.

in Java :

vtkPolyData pdata = new vtkPolyData();

..... // create Points and Polygons

vtkFloatArray tcoords = new vtkFloatArray();

for (int i = 0; i < tcoords.setNumberOfPoints()){
    tcoords.InsertTuple2(i, valuex, valuey);


I don't know what language you use but you can translate.


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I have a polydata object describing my model and a tiff-file to
describe the texture for it;
I want the texture cover only a part of my polydata, and i know that
all the points of the dataset must have TCoords;
so how set the tcoords for the polydata points on which i don't want
map the image?

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