[vtkusers] how to reconstruct surface of hollow solid??

6dgis at 163.com 6dgis at 163.com
Sun Jul 31 13:45:36 EDT 2005

Hi, all
	I am trying to reconstruct the surface of 3D Solid from some contourlines. Each contourlines is 
consisting of some 3D points (x0, y0, z0) in orders. However, the 3D solid may hollow, that the contourlines
may be as following:

	xx			   xx
    x        ssss    xx
    x       s   s     x
  xxxx   ssssss     x
        xx        xxxx
          xxx    xx

'x' indicates a point of the outer contourline, while 's' indicates a point of the inner contourline.
when reconstructing surface of hollow solid, how to rebuild inner surface? Thanks in advance!:)

        6dgis at 163.com

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