[vtkusers] Help! how to compute IsoSurface?

vidyadhar vidyadhar at lucidindia.net
Thu Jul 28 23:52:55 EDT 2005

This is only an idea. I might try it like this. vtkStructuredPoints to
represent a rectilinear region of space in which I wish to visualize the
field distribution. The field value will be placed in PointData for
structured points. For each point in the structured points, add contribution
of all electrons to that point using your formula. After treating all points
in region of interest, use marching cube filter to get the isosurface.

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> Hi,all
> I am trying to simulate electric field of multi-electron, suppose the
electric field formula: E = KQ/r^2 (Both 'K'and 'Q' are const value, 'r'
reprents the distance off the electron) , how to compute isosurface of
multi-electrons if given the specified value of "E"? any help? thank you
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