[vtkusers] Generating a 64 bit version of vtk...

C Heinzl C.Heinzl at fh-wels.at
Thu Jul 28 03:52:17 EDT 2005


I'm working in the area of an industrial CT, especially on exact geometry
comparison. So precise data is essential but large data files over 2Gb aren't
easy to handle. Decimating the data would introduce a measurement
error which my partners don't want to have. Currently I use 32 bit in my
testapp which is fine till 650 Mb but later on I should think about a
solution for larger datasets. Therefore I'd like to have a 64 bit version of vtk.
Does anybody have some experience with generating a 64 bit vtk? 
A first idea is to replace all the longs by__int64. Would that work?


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