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ALI AWARKI aawarki14 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 08:30:14 EDT 2005

hi all,
i am trying to show the cell ids in an unstructured grid.
i used the vtkIdfilter to generate field data. then i used vtkCellCenters to generate points at the centers of the cells. the problem starts when i want to use vtklabeledmapper. 
vtkLabeledMapper takes as input vtkDataSet while vtkCellCenters is a vtkdatasettopolydata filter which gives vtkPolydData as output. 
at the end i am getting the expected error of not being able to convert from vtkpolydata to vtkdataset at the command (vtkLabeledMapper)->SetInput(vtkCellCenters->GetOuput()).
the strange thing is that this is the method followed in the vtk user's guide on page 65 using a tcl script.
please help.
thx in advance

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