[vtkusers] Final Call for Papers: Open Source Workshop at MICCAI 2005

Stephen R. Aylward aylward at unc.edu
Thu Jul 28 08:29:56 EDT 2005

This is the final call for papers and a preliminary call for reviewers 
for the Open-Source Workshop at the 2005 MICCAI.

The Open-Source Workshop is using an open submission and review process. 
   We look forward to your participation!  For answers to several common 
questions, please visit our faq: 


Open-Source Workshop with peer-reviewed papers at the 2005 MICCAI
      Sunday, October 30th
      8:30am - 6:00pm
      MICCAI Conference Hotel (Riviera Resort)

Paper due date: July 31, 2005

Notification of decision: On or about September 15, 2005

The Insight Software Consortium (ISC) and the National Alliance for 
Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC) are hosting a one-day MICCAI workshop 
that will feature oral and poster presentations of peer-reviewed papers 
that discuss freely available data, open-source toolkits, and 
open-source applications for medical image analysis.

There are several unique, open-science concepts being applied to this 
conference.  Please read the following carefully.

There are three ways for you to participate in and benefit from this 
      1) Submit papers
      2) Review papers
      3) Attend the workshop

Paper Submission

We strongly encourage researchers with papers accepted at MICCAI to 
submit companion papers on the role of open-source software in their 
MICCAI research. Papers related to medical image analysis research not 
presented at MICCAI are also welcome!

Papers should be submitted online via the Insight Journal:


Key points regarding submission:

1) Paper format:  Please use the MICCAI paper template for your 
submission.  We recommend that papers be approximately four to five 
pages.  Please submit papers with "camera-ready" quality.  There is no 
need to anonymize your paper - the review process is not blinded - see 

2) Submissions are registered with a digital library (implemented using 
DSpace, www.dspace.org).  Therefore, your submission is automatically 
assigned a unique open-archive "handle" that (unlike URLs) persists on 
the web and that (unlike other web-based database keys) allows your 
submission to be indexed by Google and other search engines.  Handles 
also serve as a mechanism whereby submissions can be permanently 
referenced in publications.

3) Authors are encouraged to include other files with their submission, 
particularly videos, code, and data.

4) Every submission immediately appears on the Insight Journal site in 
the Special Issue on the MICCAI Workshop.  Therefore, every submission 
is available to any registered member of the Insight Journal (and 
registration is free).  See information on reviews given below.

5) Submission requires licensing to the Insight Journal the right to 
distribute your submission under the Creative Commons' "by-attribution" 
license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5).  Copyright 
transfer is not required.

Additional details are available on the Insight Software Consortium's


Paper Review

Every submission is available for true peer-review.  That is, any 
registered member of the Insight Journal (and registration is free) is 
able to download, score, and comment on any submission to this workshop. 
In turn, reviews are also public.

On September 10th (deadline for the review process), the editorial 
committee will consider the posted reviews as well as the intent of the 
workshop to select papers for oral and poster presentation.  Those 
decisions will be announced on or about September 15th.

Attend the Workshop

The conference fee is $45.   One author per accepted paper will have 
his/her conference fee covered by the Insight Software Consortium.


This workshop is being co-chaired by
      Dr. Stephen Aylward (aylward at unc.edu)
      Dr. Tina Kapur (tkapur at epiphanymedical.com)
      Dr. Luis Ibanez (luis.ibanez at kitware.com)

This workshop is being sponsored by
      The Insight Software Consortium
      The Insight Journal
      The National Library of Medicine
      The NA-MIC / NIH Roadmap
      The MICCAI Society

Dr. Stephen R. Aylward
Associate Professor of Radiology
Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science and Surgery
aylward at unc.edu
(919) 966-9695

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