[vtkusers] vtkImageOpenClose3D threaded execution

freiman at cs.huji.ac.il freiman at cs.huji.ac.il
Tue Jul 26 04:20:11 EDT 2005

when i run the following code:

vtkImageOpenClose3D  * my_close = vtkImageOpenClose3D::New();
my_close->SetInput (_tresh->GetOutput());
my_close->SetOpenValue (0);
my_close->SetCloseValue (255);
my_close->SetKernelSize (5, 5, 3);

i got the following error message:

ERROR: In \libs\vtk\src\Filtering\vtkImageToImageFilter.cxx, line 433
vtkImageOpenClose3D (06282468): subclass should override ThreadedExecute!!!

do someone know what i did wrong?
Moti Freiman

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