[vtkusers] How to install vtk

Bego Menéndez proyectofc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 05:28:25 EDT 2005

Hi, we are trying to install vtk libraries but we can't.
We have downloaded the libraries from the official page and we have
followed the instructions that are in the file "readme.html".-

 1) Install the VTK 4.2 distribution by unzipping into the 
     appropriate directory.

  2) Execute CMakeSetup. This will pop-up a little
     GUI that allows you to tailor the build. It then starts
     building .dsw and .dsp files for Microsoft, or makefiles for Borland.
     You'll have to tell CMakeSetup where you've placed your VTK source 
     code, and where to build the object code and dll's 
     (we'll call it "vtkbin").

  3) When CMakeSetup completes, start up msdev and load VTK.dsw.
     Select ALL_BUILD project, and build it.

Our problem is that when we try to compile a code with Visual C++ 6.0,
it's impossible because we have some errors like the following one:
Cone.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: void
__thiscall vtkCamera::Azimuth(double)" (?Azimuth at vtkCamera@@QAEXN at Z)

Could someone explain us how to use the CMakeSetup? 
We have also seen a tutorial where it was explained that you had to
install QT and other things to install vtk libraries, is it really

Thanks a lot.

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