[vtkusers] vtkCleanUnstructuredGrid avalaible in VTK-4.4

Peter Schmitt pschmitt at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 14:45:03 EDT 2005

I ran into a similar problem a few weeks back with vtkStructuredGrid. 
You may want to see my thread:
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For the issue of a vtkUnstructuredGrid... I'll try to summarize what I
said in [http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/vtkusers/2005-July/080704.html]:

I stored 3-d chunks of connected points with an unstructured grid. 
Every volume of space in my data was stored as a vtkVoxel cell.  Since
each cell is unstructured, it doesn't matter where you set it up in
vtk as long as you have your 8 indices (to a points list) correct for
each voxel.

I had no luck with vtkMergePoints either. 

Let me know if that helps you get started

On 7/14/05, Patrick Brockmann <Patrick.Brockmann at cea.fr> wrote:
> Hi all,
> How can I merge redundant points in a vtkUnstructuredGrid ?
> With Paraview, I can use the filter vtkCleanUgrid
> But I could not find it in the VTK-4.4 release.
> Can you confirm this ?
> Is there a way to apply a merging of points
> from my unstructured grid using VTK-4.4 API ?
> BTW, is there anyone who could provide a program
> using vtkMergePoints.
> The following python script gave me a segmentation fault.
> import vtk
> a=vtkMergePoints()
> print a.InsertPoint(0,23.,34.,45.)
> --> Seg fault
> Thks
> Patrick
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