[vtkusers] [POSSIBLE VIRUS:###] VTK Mac and Java

Bryan Keller bryan.keller at stanford.edu
Tue Jul 12 13:47:12 EDT 2005

OS X VTK users,

It seems as though the VTK Mac Java wrapper is pretty broken with the  
current versions of Mac OS X (the Cocoa wrapper more specifically).  
I've overhauled the Cocoa wrapper to make it work. Attached are the  
Cocoa wrapper files I have modified to get it to work. I tweaked a  
few other things here and there, but these files are the main ones  
that changed. Let me know if anyone has problems with it. I'd be  
happy to fix it for them (and you would be doing me a favor by  
testing it for me!). I have this working with VTK 4.2 and 4.4 (but to  
get VTK to compile on OS X requires minor tweaks throughout VTK).

Thanks a bunch,
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