[vtkusers] Mean Curvature

Prathap Nair ee04639 at elec.qmul.ac.uk
Mon Jul 11 05:33:24 EDT 2005

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your suggestion that I should build cells and links on my Polydata. I implemented the method you suggested and got non zero values for the curvature. I assumed that the vtkObjReader class generated Polydata with the cells and links built. I just found out from previous archives that the ObjReader has a bug in it that causes the problem.

"vtkOBJReader duplicates (and triplicates!...) vertex geometry. This is
because is reads a face from file, then gets the vertices of the face which
it inserts into a vtkPoints object. Since faces share vertices (in a mesh)
with one another they get duplicated."


I adopted the fix suggested in the above mail and it gave me similar results to the ones you got. 

Just one more query. Has anyone tried to implement the Dorai and Jain shape index formula for finding landmarks using Principal curvature values? I just wanted to know if the expected values for the shape index were obtained using the curvature values calculated from the vtkCurvature class. 


Prathap Nair
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