[vtkusers] icosahedron faces with scalar data

Tuomas Neuvonen tuomas.neuvonen at hut.fi
Mon Jul 11 03:44:46 EDT 2005


I'm relatively  new to VTK, so I feel a bit uncomfortable with writing a
class for this (maybe later...). vtkConvexPointSet seems to work nicely,
performance is not an issue at the moment as I need to visualize only
one icosahedron at a time. What kind of solution would you recommend for
showing scalar data on the faces of the icosahedron?

thanks again,


Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
> Tuomas,
>     I think the easiest and more robust solution would be to create a 
> vtk class, just like vtkTetra, vtkHexaheron or vtkPyramid. They are all 
> 3d linear cells. Reading the implementation file of those classes should 
> be enough for you to get started.
>     If you feel uncomfortable with creating your own VTK class, you can 
> always use vtkConvexPointSet, but you'll suffer a huge performance hit 
> by doing this in a dataset containing multiple icosahedrons.
> Mathieu
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