[vtkusers] Multiple render windows on a single data set

John Biddiscombe biddisco at cscs.ch
Fri Jul 8 03:50:14 EDT 2005


If you are using immediatemoderendering, then you can re-use the actors 
and mappers from one renderwindow (opengl context) etc. If you are using 
display lists, then from the mapper downstream (mapper->actor etc) you 
need to duplicate classes. This is because when using immediatemode, the 
mapper does not create any substantial intermediate data - it simply 
converts data to GL primitives. The actor likewise doesn't really do 
much - its mostly a holder for the mapper, properties and matrices etc.

It is however usually a good idea to use different actors (if you need 
independent views with non linked rotations etc).

[Note that data (water) flows from from Source (=reader) to sink 
(=actor), so actors are down(stream) of readers - just for the sake of 
terminology - I think I read your post the wrong way around]

Eugene Kim wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>     I know this question has been asked and answered before, but the 
> best answer I could find is that this is only possible at the level 
> between dataset and mapper.  That is, for every new render window 
> representing the data, we need a copy of the entire pipeline from the 
> mapper up.
>     Now, we have discovered otherwise here.  We have been able to do 
> this between the actor and the renderer.  That is, for every new 
> render window we need seperate copies of the renderer and render 
> window only. This is contradiction to what has been previously said.  
> I was wondering if I could get a more definitive answer from someone 
> who might know more. I would ideally like to only have one copy of the 
> data all the way up to the renderer, having only the render windows 
> instantiated on their own. Anyone have any clues/answers?
> Thanks,
> Eugene Kim
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