[vtkusers] vtkProbeFilter with element type 10 or 24

François Bertel francois.bertel at kitware.com
Thu Jul 7 10:32:18 EDT 2005

Hi Ursula,

For the linear tetrahedra (10), can you isolate some cells that make the
probe filter fail and send them to me?

There have been some patches since the last VTK release for the probe
filter (bug 571 and 565). Despite of that, I also got some bad result in
the quadratic tetrahedron case (24). I suspect the implementation of
vtkQuadraticTetra::EvaluatePosition() to be too naive because
it uses a straightforward none-robust Newton's method.


Ursula Kose wrote:
> I do have an urgent question regarding the vtkProbeFilter.
> I am using vtk 4.4.2. I tried to use the vtkPobeFilter with a plane
> generated with vtkPlaneSource on an unstructured grid with element type 10
> resp. 24 (Tetrahedral elements). However, probing an unstructured grid with
> these element types does not give the result that I expect. I can use this
> filter on unstructured grids with hexahedral elements without problems.
> I remember to have put this issue on the mailing list quite some time ago
> and I even sent examples of my meshes and what I try to do with vtk as code
> extract to someone at vtk. This someone has even confirmed that this seems
> to be a serious bug of vtk but obviously nobody has taken care of removing
> this bug. I really need this to work!
> Kind regards,
> Ursula Kose
> By the way - my last name was Goette when I first mentioned this problem.
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