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Darryl D'Lima ddlima at ucsd.edu
Wed Jul 6 22:25:14 EDT 2005

Can any of the vtk Gurus respond to this repeat request.  I am interested in
performing a Boolean intersection between a volume and a polygon shape?  I
would like to "carve out" an area in my volumetric data.  i.e. set the
scalar values to zero in the area of the volume that is overlapped by the
polygon shape.


I have read at least three other similar requests in the past three weeks
(see below), all of which have gone unanswered.


I would appreciate any response even if only to say it cannot be done with
existing classes.  I am building my own filter for booleans between volumes
and complex closed polygon surfaces.  Before I invest too much time I want
to be reasonably sure this functionality is not already available in the vtk





7/4/2005 (liuy [liuyang at fimmu.com])

Hi to all,

We know extracting a rectangular region is simple(vtkExtractROI) ,but if we
want to extact a irregular region ,how to develop?



7/1/2005 (kshivann at engineering.uiowa.edu)


  is there a function to check whether a given point lies inside a closed
trinagulated surface or not.






6/18/2005 (Sandarak [sandarak at wp.pl])



I would like to extract inside of the iso-surface that I got using
vtkMarchingCubes. The iso-surface is vtkPolyData and I would like to get the
inside as a vtkImageData. Is there any filter in VTK that would perform this


Thanks in advance


Michal Postrozny




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