[vtkusers] (no subject) Grind Rendering

Sean Farrell sean.farrell at baw.de
Wed Jul 6 02:22:22 EDT 2005

You must use a vtk*GridGeometryFilter if it ist a Grid to make a
PolyData of it. If it is Polydata you must use a vtkExtractEdges to
crate wour edges. 

I am fairly new to vtk too and don't know if it is any valid advice. Use
the manual with a search engine. 8o)


Am Dienstag, den 05.07.2005, 07:10 -0700 schrieb ALI AWARKI:
> hi all,
> i am new to vtk, and i am trying to display the edges of a mesh. i
> constructed one using 6 cells of type HEXAHEDRON, and i set the
> property of the the actor as follows (relevant parts shown only):
> vtkProperty *actprop=vtkProperty::New();
> actprop->EdgeVisibilityOn();
> actprop->SetEdgeColor(0,0,0);
> vtkActor *gridact=vtkActor::New();
> gridact->SetProperty(actprop);
> After running I still don't get to see the edges of the created cells.
> any help??
> thx in advance.
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