[vtkusers] vtk build on Mac OSX -- more questions.

krs krs at uncc.edu
Tue Jul 5 19:13:40 EDT 2005

Well, the fix I found in the archives seemed to work.


I wasnt properly following the instructions in that fix - you had to  
the change to the /usr/local/share/Cmake  -- apparently created
by the build process.

I havent built vtk in a while, but a lot of things have indeed changed.

Anyhow, lets see how far the build progresses this time! -:)

     -- krs

On Jul 5, 2005, at 6:49 PM, Sean McBride wrote:

> On 2005-07-05 18:39, krs said:
>>>> Well, I went past this error (must use the CVS sources) and came up
>>>> against
>>>> the next one (as below):
>>> Is that with the default CMakeCache.txt?  Or did you tweak things?
>>> For
>>> me, the default builds.
>> Yes, it simply stops at the cmDynamicLoader.cxx compilation file..
> Sorry, I was talking about vtk not cmake.  Let's step back.  Is cmake
> building for you now?  If so, the next thing I would try is  
> building vtk
> with the default CMakeCache.txt....
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