[vtkusers] Prob trying to build QVTK (v1.9)

Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech.com
Tue Jul 5 12:19:36 EDT 2005

> Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 18:17:04 -0400
> From: "Erica Sullivan" <cardsfan1995 at hotmail.com>
> Subject: [vtkusers] Prob trying to build QVTK (v1.9)
> To: vtkusers at vtk.org
> When running v1.9 of the cmakelist file for QVTK, I am told that the 
> following line of code has an invalid # of arguments: INSTALL_TARGETS( 
> ${VTK_INSTALL_LIB_DIR} QVTK ).  (Note that this file came from the 
> vtk/guisupport/qt repository.)  I'm guessing that it is looking for 
> the[RUNTIME_DIRECTORY dir] parameter.  I'm not for sure what to set this to, 
> though.  I am using Qt v3.2 and VTK v4.2 on Windows XP.  Any advice on how 
> to fix this problem would be greately appreciated.  Please let me know if 
> any additional info is needed.
> Erica

VTK_INSTALL_LIB_DIR is defined in the cvs version of VTK, so CMake sees only one argument.
You can change the first argument to something else, or comment out that line.


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