[vtkusers] UpdateExtent??

Peter Welsh peter.welsh at vips.co.uk
Mon Jul 4 07:12:33 EDT 2005

hi all,

I am in the process of updating my code to use vtk version 4.2 from 3.2.

I have a filter that splits a structured grids - for example if I have a one
cell model I can execute the filter to generate a two cell model.

The problem I have is the only way I can get the filter to work is by adding
the line:


into the Execute method. As the output extent is greater than the input

The only problem with this is that the filter pipeline is rerun 3 times,
where as using the old version of vtk the pipeline is only performed once.

Am I doing something wrong?  Do I need to include an ExecuteInformation

kind regards


Peter Welsh
Software Engineer
V.I.P.S. Ltd

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