[vtkusers] vtk-itk linking conflicts

Nacho Larrabide nacho at lncc.br
Thu Jan 27 13:30:31 EST 2005

Hi Brad,

   Thanks for the quick response, I've been trying to do what you are
   suggesting but I didn't have any luck. It's always something
   missing. But at least I'm on the right path... :D. I'll try to get
   the latest CVS version and do what you suggest.

   Please send any new suggestion that comes to your mind.


BK> Nacho Larrabide wrote:

>>    I'm trying to compile the latest version of Vtk and Itk but I have
>>    a linking error with repeated libraries.

BK> Latest release or latest CVS versions?  Please specify the release
BK> version number or the approximate data of CVS checkout.

>> itkpng.lib(png.obj) : error LNK2005: _png_pass_dsp_mask already defined in vtkpng.lib(png.obj)

BK> This is a known problem and has been fixed in the CVS versions of both.
BK>   A solution for the versions you have is to turn on VTK_USE_SYSTEM_PNG
BK> and VTK_USE_SYSTEM_TIFF.  Then point the CMake variables that ask for
BK> the include path and libraries for png and tiff at the ITK versions.

BK> -Brad



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