[vtkusers] cannot compile vtk with cmake 2.05 and vc++ 8 2005

William A. Hoffman billlist at nycap.rr.com
Tue Jan 25 17:46:52 EST 2005

Can you send me the CMakeCache.txt file from the CMakeTmp dir, and
one of the .proj files.   

If you can not load the projects then that is the problem....


At 05:40 PM 1/25/2005, Alexis H. Rivera-Rios wrote:
>This is what I see:
>   Bool/
>      CMakeTmp/
>   Char/
>      CMakeTmp/
>   TestExplicitInstantiation/
>      A.h
>      CMakeLists.txt
>      A.cxx
>      B.cxx
>      Build/
>         A.proj
>         ALL_BUILD.proj
>         B.vcproj
>         cmake.check_cache
>         CMakeCache.txt
>         INSTALL.vcproj
>         A.vcproj.cmake
>         ALL_BUILD.vcproj.cmake
>         B.vcproj.cmake
>         cmake_install.cmake
>         EXPLICIT.sln
>         ISNTALL.vcproj.cmake
>The interesting thing is that when I do View 
> Tiles in explorer, the details of the files the .sln
>file have an attribute version which is usually set to
>a value... but not in these projects and solutions. 
>When I try to load the solution, it complains of not
>having the version attribute set in the projects too
>so the projects don't load.

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