[vtkusers] ConnectivityFilter

Michnay Balázs michnay at freemail.hu
Tue Jan 25 08:28:39 EST 2005

Dear VTK Users,
Does anyone have experience in using vtkConnectivityFilter? I've been 
spending too much time to figure out how it works.
I have a binary thresholded image (vtkImageData) and I'd like to 
visualize how many connected components (regions) it contains 
(coloring these would be great). These regions then must be extracted 
(so that a volume can be built from them).
Please let me know if it was possible at all using vtkConnectivityFilter or 
I don't know to set the class' member variables to get this class 
working this way. I'm pretty sure there is a way.
If anyone has ever used this class and knows how to do this, please 
reply, I'm sure it's just a few settings I'm missing and it's been months 
I've been stuck at this point.
I'm really looking forward to your reply,
Thank you,


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