Fwd: [vtkusers] Rotating vtkActor2D subclasses?

Charles Boivin Charles.Boivin at rwdi.com
Mon Jan 24 14:48:18 EST 2005


Just thought I would include some pictures with this email to
illustrate my question a bit better...

First picture is with the vtkCubeAxesActor2D aligned with the
vtkImageData outline. The second one is when I rotate the outline actor,
the vtkCubeAxesActor2D does not follow properly...

Hope this will help generate a few replies!

>>> "Charles Boivin" <Charles.Boivin at rwdi.com> 24/01/2005 11:40:34 am
Hello all,

Is there any way to rotate actors derived from vtkActor2D? I am using
vtkCubeAxesActor2D to show the outer dimensions of a vtkImageData
structure. The (3D) actors that are displayed from the data stored in
this vtkImageData have the ability of being rotated using the
vtkProp3D::vtkRotateWXYZ() member function. However, if I rotate, say
the actor representing the outline of my vtkImageData object, then my
vtkCubeAxesActor2D does not rotate with it. Actually, I guess I do not
want to actually rotate the whole actor, but just to make sure the
follow the actual outline of the domain as it is being displayed.

What would be the solution to this? Any ideas / suggestions from the
people on this list?

Thank you.

Charles Boivin

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