[vtkusers] Help, weird error in vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor.

Yingcai Wu wycken at msn.com
Thu Jan 20 14:15:09 EST 2005

Hi, all
Have you ever used the famous vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor class that 
implements the function of vtkRenderWindowInteractor and FLTK window 

I encounter a weird error when using vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor.
I have been upsetting with this problem for a whole month, and I couldn¡¯t 
fix it by myself.

The problem appeared when I compiled and ran the original example cone3.cxx 
contained in the package of vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor.tar.gz, which can be 
downloaded from http://cpbotha.net/vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor.html
When it ran, I clicked the quit button, a window will pop up , indicating 
that "R6025: pure virtual function call."

I modified the original cone3.cxx as follows to redraw the scene in the 

1. Delete the line 188 in cone3.cxx, namely, vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor 
*fl_vtk_window = NULL;

2. Replace the quit_cb function, namely,
void quit_cb(Fl_Widget*, void*)

With the following codes:

vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor *fl_vtk_window = NULL;
void create_cone_pipeline(vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor *flrwi);
// this is a callback for the quit button
void quit_cb(Fl_Widget*, void*)

I don¡¯t know why such problem occurs. It¡¯s likely that I am redrawing the 
scene using the wrong method. Would you please do me a favor to show me a 
correct redrawing method?

All your help will be appreciated.

Wu, Yingcai,
CS department,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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