[vtkusers] Re: API

Amy Henderson amy.henderson at kitware.com
Fri Jan 14 09:05:26 EST 2005

Hi Mike,

Please keep the discussion on the vtk users list.

At 05:05 PM 1/13/2005, you wrote:
>Thanks for correcting my freshman mistake; it just seemed so right,
>based on what I've seen with GDK/GTK.
> >>I believe this x component refers to the alpha channel, which
> >>determines the opaqueness (or transparency) of an object.
> >>Rather than RGB space(the unit cube I^3), one now has RGBA space I^4.
> >No, in vtkColorTransferFunction::AddRGBPoint, the first parameter, x, is
> >the scalar value for which the specified RGB color should be used.
>Sorry, I'm a vtk newbie, so I'm not sure how this scalar-value operates
>on colors. Would this, for example, apply to color-filled 2D contour maps?

It's mainly used in volume rendering.  Take a look at the examples in 

>By the way, would you know why my emails are bouncing back from
>vtkusers at vtk.org (even though someone is seeing them)?

Your e-mails are certainly making it to the list.  Maybe another address on 
the list is no longer valid?  (Just a guess.)

>And who can I contact regarding some suggestions for the linux
>installation instructions: I finally got the source compiled
>but had to do some things that weren't mentioned in the README.html.

I would suggest describing on this list what you had to in order to get VTK 
compiled on your linux box.

- Amy 

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