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Hi Chunyan,


I have found your thread in the vtk messages (see attachment) and have the same problem as you that time. Did you find out how to fix that problem or where the problem is arising at ? 

I would appreciate any help


Thanks Sassan



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I have done it. But it does not work. :(
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I define my vtkCamera and set it in vtkRenderer as the following code:
  Camera = vtkCamera::New();
  Camera->SetPosition(0,0,-20  );
  Camera->SetFocalPoint( 0,0,0 );
It is very strange that when I render it, it does not display. Only when I
click the mouse button, it will display. Because I have set
vtkRenderWindowInteractor, the window will be updated when I click mouse
button. Why does it not display in the beginning? How can I do? Please give
me some hints. Thank you very much!
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