[vtkusers] stereoskopic view with two projectors

Weiguang Guan guanw at rhpcs.mcmaster.ca
Mon Feb 28 14:53:15 EST 2005

Just a followup. I've just made our passive stereo work. The problem is 
that vertical refresh rates of two monitors were not explicitly set to be 
identical. After this was corrected, glxinfo could find stereo-capable 
visual, and my application runs properly.


Weiguang Guan, Research Engineer
RHPCS, McMaster University
On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Weiguang Guan wrote:

> Hi Lachlan,
> I'm a little confused of what you said. I was trying to create a passive 
> stereo system, which is very similar to GeoWall. There is email addressing 
> this written by Nicholas Schwarz with subject "Re: Stereo effect with two 
> projectors and polarized lenses". They set nVidia into clone mode.
> Using debug I found that 
> vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow::vtkXOpenGLRenderWindowTryForVisual(...) cannot 
> find out a stereo-capable visual. Then, I used glxinfo and could not find 
> any stereo visual either. This is where the problem is. After that, I 
> check XF86Config, and everything seems ok --- twinview, clone, stereo 4 
> ... 
> Weiguang

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