[vtkusers] Ensight-reader

Hanna Jonsson hanjo013 at student.liu.se
Thu Feb 24 08:35:43 EST 2005


I am trying to read ensight-files in vtk. I have tried many different files (ensight 6 and gold as well as binary and ascii) and some work and some aren't. The only differences that I can see is that the files that aren't working have one or no output and the other files have several outputs, using reader->GetNumberOfOutputs().

My question is about the GetNumberOfOutputs, what does the number say? Has anyone had the same problem? Is there anyone that has been working with ensight-files and visualised them in vtk?

How can I get hold of the different parts of the .geo file, so that I can be able to put each part into separate actors?


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