[vtkusers] Simple plot question

Doug Henry brilligent at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 11:57:43 EST 2005

This is hopefully an easy "newbie" type question.  I was looking at
making a simple xy-plot as a way to figure out the basics of vtk (I'm
going to wait for my VTK textbook to arrive before diving in with both
feet).  I have worked through the cone tutorials and created my own
interactor for my toolkit, so I have some familiarity with the vtk
toolkit.  Looking at the xyPlot tcl example, it is not obvious to me
how data is presented to xyplot.  I was hoping someone could give me a
starting point by explaining how I would simply plot two columns of
numbers against each other.  This should give me a simple example of
how this data is mapped, and hopefully help me to better understand
the probe stuff in the tcl example.

Thanks for any help,

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