[vtkusers] Re: Re: vtkImagePlaneWidgets texture update

Stefan Maas stefan.maas at fh-gelsenkirchen.de
Tue Feb 22 11:30:03 EST 2005

Hi Dean,

resetting the camera doesn't help. This is not the problem, because the
single ipw is in a face up position - all the time. And the mouse-click
shows me the correct position and value on the single plane. But the
texture seems to be...no...is(!) not on the correct position over the
underlying values. So I thought the problem belongs to the extent of the
ipw and the textureplane. But I printed out the values and they are
equal to the corresponding values on the 3D-ipw. On the 3D-ipw the
texture is shown correctly - on the 2D-ipw not.

Sure, a vtkimageactor could be a solution...but this is not what I want
to do...only if there is no other solution. Am I the only one who use
ipw's in that way?

Thanks for your suggestions!


> Hi Stefan,
> One solution is to force the renderer
> with the face on view ipw to reset
> its camera position (ResetCamera)
> using a callback tied to the 3D ipw's in the
> one main renderer.  This should force the
> face on view ipw to be centered in the renderer's
> viewport after every chnage in spatial position.
> The other solution is to not use 3 more ipw's:
> use an vtkImageActor for each of the individual slice
> face on views
> (see Hybrid/Testing/Cxx/TestImagePlaneWidget.cxx).
> Dean

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