[vtkusers] vtk, wx, MacOSX

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Tue Feb 15 12:23:29 EST 2005

>>>>> "SN" == Sander Niemeijer <niemeijer at science-and-technology.nl> writes:

    SN> visualizations. Each time a user issues a 'plot' command a new
    SN> window (a wxWidgets frame with menu, buttons and a single
    SN> wxVTK widget) appears and these plot windows can be closed in
    SN> arbitrary order. The problem seems to appear when closing a
    SN> plot window that currently doesn't have the focus (or OpenGL
    SN> focus). But I am not entirely sure this is the cause, since I
    SN> haven't been able to reliably reproduce the problem yet.

And this is only under Win32?  Not on Linux?  Because I can't seem to
reproduce this with any of my tests under Linux.


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