[vtkusers] Using vtkMergePoints

Nacho Larrabide nacho at lncc.br
Mon Feb 14 15:41:38 EST 2005

Hi everybody,

   I'm using a cvs vtk version and I'm tryng to use the vtkMergePoints
   class to create the set of point corresponding to a very big
   triangle mesh. The code that I'm usind is this:

    vtkMergePoints *mp=vtkMergePoints::New();

    float pt1[3],pt2[3];
    int id1,id2;
        // some point initialization

    By wath I read so far this should do the work, but somewere around
    point 43.000 and something this blows up. Debugging the code I
    found that the bucket that vtkMergePoints is inserting the point
    can not be retreived by the HashTable.
    Am I missing something?, This same code use to work with an older
    vtk version (vtk4.0 I think).
    Please help...:D



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