[vtkusers] How to get points from VtkPolyData

Alejandro Galindo Mateo agalmat at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 13:58:56 EST 2005

Hello VTK users,

I have a vtkPolyData with points, polygons and scalars and I only want the 
points with the scalars.  I tried with:

vtkPolyData data

data SetPoints [[Filter GetOutput] GetPoints]

for the points and:

[data GetPointData] SetScalars [[[Filter GetOutput] GetPointData] 

for the scalars. [Filter GetOutput] is a vtkPolyData and it´s not empy 
because I can render it with a mapper and the data is represented correctly.

But the result is that the vtkPolyData data is empty.  I would like to know 
if I need to do another thing to copy the points.

Thanks for all,

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