[vtkusers] Unresolved External Symbols

Bill Vogler vogler at calcreek.com
Mon Feb 14 00:24:19 EST 2005

I am having problems during the link phase of my application on MSV C++
V6.0. I am getting the LNK2001 link error "Unresolved external symbol" and
it is associated with the following three member functions:


This problem appeared after I defined VTK_USE_ANSI_STDLIB so I could build
my app using STL (i.e., std::ostream). Interestingly enough  these member
functions in question are associated with the output stream ostream.

Is anyone out there in vtk-land know what is happening in this situation?
I've seen similar posts on this subject to this group, but I could not find
any responses to those threads.


Bill Vogler
Calabazas Creek Research
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vogler at calcreek.com

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