[vtkusers] Solved: Problem with wxVTK, wxGTK and pango

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Wed Feb 9 09:03:32 EST 2005

Hi Jens,

the hint you gave me was perfect. On the SuSE-machine freetype 2.1.9-3 was
installed, VTK has freetype 2.1.2. So I took freetype 2.1.9 and copied the
source into VTK. I deleted all the files from the base-freetype directory
and took the CMakeLists.txt, .NoDartCoverage, vtkfreetypeConfig.h and
vtkfreetypeConfig.h.in from the VTK-freetype-directory.

Inside build/unix/ftconfig.in I changed a section:

  typedef signed short    FT_Int16;
  typedef unsigned short  FT_UInt16;

//#if FT_SIZEOF_INT == 4

  typedef signed int      FT_Int32;
  typedef unsigned int    FT_UInt32;

//#elif FT_SIZEOF_LONG == 4

//  typedef signed long     FT_Int32;
//  typedef unsigned long   FT_UInt32;

//#error "no 32bit type found -- please check your configuration files"

because otherwise he gave me the error.

Inside CMakeLists.txt there was a now false include, so I changed
ftconfig.h.in to ftconfig.in.

I also had to add the following into CMakeLists.txt:


#added by me:

Then I recompiled VTK and what a relief, the programs compile and work
with wxGTK and VTK!

Best wishes

Richard Freitag

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