[vtkusers] socket communication

jean-michel.rouet at philips.com jean-michel.rouet at philips.com
Thu Feb 3 04:34:19 EST 2005

On 02/02/2005 21:11:30 Simon Drouin wrote:
>vtk event system is not related to your main event loop in any way. If
>you call InvokeEvent from a thread, listeners's execute function will be
>called from that same thread.
>If you post an event to the main loop (I don't think it can be done in
>vtk), that event is added to the main loop's event queue. When the main
>thread is scheduled, it will process the event and then you will be able
>to call Render from the main thread.

Ok that was I was confused about vtkEvents and the main loop event 

For those interested, I solved my problem by calling the follwing in the 
listening thread.


And then it refreshes correctly the window as expected.
Thanks for your help

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