[vtkusers] access to vertex scalar value according to texture.

Moti Freiman freiman at cs.huji.ac.il
Wed Dec 22 07:43:09 EST 2004

i need to drawome texture on torus, and smooth it using some operators.
my first step was to add texture to my vtkactor. and it draw it good.
now i need to know what is the scalar value of each vertex according to 
the texture.
i tried to use vtkTextureMapToPlane, find the coordinates and take the 
value for my texture image, but it seems to destroy some of the texture 
on the torus. actually all the texture on the y axis erasing.
can someone know how to access to vertex scalar value according to texture?

Moti Freiman.
Medical Image Processing and Computer-Assisted Surgery Laboratory.
School of Computer Science and Engineering.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904, Israel 
Phone: +(972)-2-658-5371 (laboratory) 
E-mail: freiman at cs.huji.ac.il 
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